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Welcome to The Hearing and Tinnitus Center of Dallas-Fort Worth

Regain the Joy of Hearing with Compassionate Care

Are you tired of missing out on conversations and the rich sounds of life? At The Hearing and Tinnitus Center of Dallas Fort Worth, we understand the impact that hearing loss and tinnitus can have on your everyday life. Our dedicated team is here to help you rediscover the world of sounds you’ve been missing.

Superior Audiology Services in Irving, TX

Your Path to Better Hearing Begins Here

Don’t let hearing loss or tinnitus hinder your enjoyment of life’s beautiful sounds. The Hearing and Tinnitus Center of Dallas Fort Worth is your partner in taking that crucial step towards improved hearing. Our commitment to your well-being and our expertise in hearing solutions set us apart.

Services We Offer

Dr Paula Land evaluates a patient's hearing.

Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

Our thorough evaluations provide a clear understanding of your hearing health. Uncover the extent of your hearing loss and explore options for improvement.

A graphic on an ear with sound waves travelling out of it. Tinnitus impacts millions of Americans.

Personalized Tinnitus

Tinnitus shouldn't control your life. We create customized strategies to manage and reduce the impact of tinnitus, giving you relief and tranquility.

A patient is fit with a hearing aid by Dr Paula Land.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Discover a wide range of modern hearing aids that blend comfort and performance seamlessly. Our experts will guide you in selecting the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

A soldering Iron sits on a table in our full service repair lab.

Hearing Aid
Maintenance and Repair

We're here for you even after your fitting. Our team offers maintenance, adjustments, and repairs to ensure your hearing aids work effectively for years to come.

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Our Hearing Technology

We only offer hearing instruments from manufacturers we trust

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